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What's iGotAppetite All About?

We're all about deliciously affordable fine dining at home or at a restaurant. Prefer dinner at home? Want a delicious restaurant meal? Order Takeout online! You'll find very affordable menus from your favorite restaurants. Prefer a dining out experience? Reserve a Table Online. You'll find great local restaurants offering revolving iRebates, Free Birthday Dinners, and other promotions.

We're your one-stop solution for dining pleasure and party planning needs. Got a private party, businesses meeting, fundraising or other special event? We'll make the arrangements so that you can relax and be a guest.

So when you're hungry, say iGotAppetite and visit iGotAppetite.com, because it Pays to Dine In and it Pays to Dine Out!

Why Do Restaurants Offer iRebates and other Promotions?

Anticipating a few open tables or a slowdown in takeout orders on any particular day, restaurants provide a limited number of promotional iREBATES for specific day and time slots to fill those service gaps. These dining iREBATES are not advertised to the general public nor do they appear on any other website. So when you've got appetite and want to dine in, order your favorite restaurant food online. If you prefer to Dine Out, Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant via iGotAppetite.com. 

Whom do I contact for larger gatherings?

When you gotta plan a business lunch, special event or private party. You can contact our party planning desk via text 516.500.1960, or email concierge@iGotAppetite.com.

Can I order or make a reservation for a later date?

Absolutely! You can easily choose your preferred day and time well in advance. Takeout Orders and Restaurant Reservations can usually be made from 1-hours to 4-weeks in advance. Got a private party with guests to entertain? We provide the right size Price Fixe Menu for at home parties, or a restaurant venue for all your private party or office party planning  - today, tomorrow, next week, or the week after. Got it? Get it!

Can I Make a Special Request:

​Yes! Of course! Our Ordering/Reservation platform provides the opportunity to include "Special Instructions." Tell us if you're celebrating a Special Occasion. This will ensure the restaurant you choose provides special attention to your personal preferences or specific needs. Got it? Get it!

What is your normal Response Time?

We normally respond within a few minutes but on weekends and especially on holidays it can take a few hours. You see, our team needs time to relax, recharge and re-acquaint with family and friends at home or at our favorite restaurant - of course. Hey we've got appetite too! Thanks for your understanding and patience.

*The Very Fine Print:
Restaurants Reserve the Right to accept or reject takeout orders and/or reservations at any time for any reason at their sole discretion. iGotAppetite and/or the restaurant cannot be held liable for any order or reservation that is not or cannot be honored for any reason.
Instant Rebates have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Instant Rebates can only be used as a discount applied to the final bill excluding taxes and alcoholic beverages. 
iRebate Gift Certificates have no cash value, are intended for single use, and  cannot be used in combination with any other gift certificates, or promotional discounts. Minimum order, Maximum Dollar Discount, or other exclusions may apply depending on the restaurant. The lowest priced entree ordered will be deducted from the final bill.
Instant Rebate Numbers or Promo Codes may be required when ordering takeout or booking an online Reservation at iGotAppetite.com.
Email Address / Mobile (Cell) Phone Numbers are required when ordering or booking a reservation.  
Terms and Conditions are subject to change or any and all parts of the program may be eliminated at any time at the sole discretion of Restaurants or iGotAppetite.com.
*A NOTE about THIRD PARTY bookings and/or WEBSITES.

​As a courtesy and convenience for our clients, we list other third party restaurant ordering and booking website services to provide you with more dining choices.  When ordering or booking on these third party sites, you are subject to their terms and conditions. Orders or Reservations booked on third party websites do not qualify for any iGotAppetite.com or promotional iRebates.